Buccellati’s Brilliant Pendant Earrings’ Collection


Renowned for finely hand-crafted textural gold masterpieces, Gianmaria Buccellati recently revealed his new collection of stunning pendant earrings, painstakingly designed for the past two years.  Amethysts, jade, pearls, emeralds, rubellites, tourmalines and tanzanites star in the 65 piece collection, centrally set in delicate diamond-studded gold carved in the “honeycomb” or “tulle” technique.  Whereas normally the engraved white and yellow gold are the main focus in the jewelry house’s productions, the precious metals serve to enhance the uniquely shaped or elegantly carved gem stones in this new innovative collection.  Gianmaria believes jewelry’s main purpose is to amplify the natural beauty of a woman and these incredible earrings were specifically designed to emphasize her major seductive facial features:  the eyes, lips and hair.  The dazzling stunners, with their woven lace-like gold subtly evoking a majestic grandeur akin to the jeweler’s native Italian palaces, are by far amongst Buccellati’s most exceptional creations.



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