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The mysterious allure of sparkling jewels continuously captures the imaginations of awed admirers of all ages.  I remember the very first time jewelry ran away with mine:  I was 8 years old and my mother took my siblings and me to a special exhibit of the Romanov’s treasures, including Fabergé’s famous Imperial Easter eggs.  Between the miniature marvels within and the glittering shells without, these priceless creations forever impressed upon me the significance of a jeweler’s artistic craft.


Lilies of the Valley Egg, 1898

Following this initial encounter with creative genius in jewelry
making, I have developed a passion for finding and sharing unique,
eye-catching jewelry.

With Jewels du Jour, I seek to explore every aspect of the jewelry
world, from digging through archives of historic jewelry houses, like
Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier, to discovering the Fabergés of modern
times, such as the reclusive Joel Arthur Rosenthal.

Ruby, Emerald and Diamond Thread Rings by JAR


Coco Chanel couldn’t have been more right when she proclaimed that “in
order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different,” and this
aptly applies to the enduring creations of the jewelry designers that I highlight here.

I hope that you experience the same surprise and delight that I do
when you see my discoveries.


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