Belles of the New Year’s Eve Ball

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As an unofficial annual tradition on New Years Eve, I always switch the TV on to watch the glittering Times Square Ball drop as it counts down the remaining 60 seconds of the year. Though I doubt I’m the only one to do this almost religiously, watching the glittering ball slowly descend allows us all to take one minute to reflect on all that has transpired that year.

Jade Jagger Rainbow Disco-ball Ring

Jade Jagger Rainbow Disco-ball Ring (1stdibs)

During that seemingly long minute, the 11,875-pound ball, made by Waterford Crystal, shines to life with 32,256 LED lamps dazzling us all with its themed light show. This year’s theme is the first in a series known as “Greatest Gifts”, beginning with the “Gift of Imagination.” After its descent of 141 feet, Times Square explodes with fireworks in celebration of the New Year while revelers kiss their loved ones or those closest to them, as a tradition of course. Is there a more hopeful and enthusiastic time of year than New Years?!

Coleoptere 18k Gold Diving Bell Necklace - Stone & Strand

Coléoptère 18k Gold Diving Bell Necklace (Stone & Strand)

Without question, one of my favorite parties of the year is the New Years Eve party. Full of bright hopes and brimming with optimism, everyone dresses in their most festive attire, particularly dresses in shimmering metallic fabrics accompanied by even brighter jewelry. I can’t think of a more fun and fabulous way to wow this New Years Eve than to don sparkling jeweled orbs of your own to rival that of Times Square. Jewels with dazzling gold spheres speckled with diamonds and colored stones, or globes adorned with precious stones set in gold perhaps, are sure to be the radiant belles of any New Years Eve ball.

Wishing everyone a very healthy and Happy New Year! All the best for 2015!

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