Star of Wonder, Star of Night


For more than two millenia, the star has been a symbol of Christmas ever since the three wise men followed the Star of Bethlehem to see the newborn baby Jesus. Known as the Christmas Star, the miraculous Star of Bethlehem revealed the birth of “the king of the Jews” when it arose in the night sky. Only the nativity story in the Gospel of Matthew shares the presence of the guiding star, however the single account forever immortalized this shining sign of Christ’s birth as an integral icon of Christmas tradition.

French 19th Century Diamond Yellow Gold Star Brooch (1stdibs)

French 19th Century Diamond Yellow Gold Star Brooch (1stdibs)

Best remembered in the Christmas carol ‘We Three Kings’, the refrain celebrates the Star of Bethlehem as the kings’ guiding light as they travel across the desert from the east toward Bethlehem to meet the newborn king:

O star of wonder, star of night,
Star of royal beauty bright,
Westward leading, still proceeding,
Following yonder star.

While the star represents a great many things in life, its meaning at Christmas is most significant in the Christian faith. Sparkling from atop Christmas trees and in countless glittering decorations, the ever-present star shines brightest during this time of year.

Renee Lewis Diamond, Gold & Silver Star Pendant Necklace - Barney's

Renee Lewis Diamond, 18k Gold & Silver Star Pendant Necklace (Barney’s)

What better way to interpret the star than in a piece of jewelry? The star has inspired a great number of jewelry designs, my favorite versions twinkle with diamonds in glowing yellow gold. The Victorian period saw the star’s rise as a popular jewelry motif for brooches, growing more elaborate in design toward the end of the 19th century. During the 20th century, the most notable fans of the symbol were Coco Chanel and Fulco di Verdura, the two of whom often created jewels with the celestial motif. Today, the star endures in gleaming gold and gems, and is truly the perfect jeweled symbol to don at Christmas time. I’ve picked some of my favorite star jewels from the past and present to inspire a bit of last-minute Christmas spirit!

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