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The Rising Star of Rachael SARC

Rachael SARC Cover 2

Roughly two years ago, I met Rachael Clark for the first time over coffee. She had reached out to me through my then-four-month-old blog and I was so excited to meet a young woman who shared my passion for jewelry. Little did I know, however, that Rachael’s passion extends far beyond the pages of jewelry books, shops and websites – hers begins at the jewelry bench.

Rachael SARC Collection

Jewels from the Rachael SARC Collection, clockwise from top left: Julia Rings in 18k yellow gold, topaz and diamond pavé; Denise II Pendant (Yellow) in 18k yellow gold with lemon quartz, aquamarine and diamond pavé; Allison Earrings (Pink) in 18k rose gold with rose quartz and diamond pavé; Julia Studs in 18k white gold with blue topaz and diamond pavé; Alyssa Ring in 18k pink gold with diamond pavé

A Certified Gemologist, Rachael has worked for some of the most well-known, prestigious brands in the industry, allowing her to handle a number of incredibly rare and magnificent diamonds and precious gems in existence today. Working with 47th Street jewelers has evolved from being part of her daily job description to joining them on the bench during her free time. She has her very own bench in one of 47th Street’s esteemed workshops, where she sculpts, sets and polishes her very own designs in the midst of seasoned experts in their respective crafts. Rachael, as a designer and craftswoman, is a true rarity in the vast ocean of jewelry designers, a facet I find most fascinating about my talented friend.

Rachael SARC Bespoke Earrings

Rachael SARC Bespoke Earrings, from left: Four Color Tourmaline Earrings in 18k yellow gold and platinum accented with white and yellow diamond pavé; Slender Golden Beryl Drops in 18k yellow gold and platinum with diamond pavé; Moonstone & Diamond Chandeliers in palladium white gold with diamond pavé

For years, Rachael has created bespoke jewelry for a group of close friends, which inevitably grew into a loyal base of clients, who encouraged her to launch her own jewelry brand. In February 2014, Rachael unveiled her first collection under Rachael SARC. With quality and luxury as guiding principles, the jewelry of Rachael SARC is not only chic and contemporary but exceptionally well made. Between the pavé diamond details and beautiful stones to the carefully calibrated angles of earring posts, every element incorporated into a piece of Rachael’s jewelry glistens with perfection.

Rachael SARC Bespoke Rings

Rachael SARC Bespoke Rings, from bottom left: Modern Blue Topaz Ring with diamond accents; Floral Diamond Solitaire Ring in platinum; Blue Compass Ring in 18k white gold with blue topaz and white and blue diamond pavé


Product imagery courtesy of Mickey Kerr

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