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  • aquamarine

    The Blue Beryl: Aquamarine

    As the watery blue variety of beryl, aquamarine is the cool cousin of the mineral family. While I did a post all about aquamarine last year, I’d like to refresh your memory…

  • Garnets

    G is for Garnet

    The birthstone of January and the gem for the second anniversary, garnet is one of the most widely used stones throughout human history.  With varieties spanning the entire color spectrum, red…

  • peridot-full

    P is for Peridot

    With a color reminiscent of a summer meadow full of buttercups, peridot is the perfect birthstone for the month of August.  This glowing green gem has quite an interesting past on…

  • HK0359-1671-lr-2

    R is for Red-Hot Ruby

    Ruby is the birthstone for July, a rather fitting gemstone for the summer month whose intense heat burns as bright as the purest blood red ruby.  According to ancient Hindu myth,…

  • perle-akoya-img2b

    Cultured Pearls: From Mikimoto to Today

    The cultured pearl industry has experienced some dramatic changes over the last 15 years due to a combination of market forces, environmental events and scientific research.  Before exploring the reasons behind…

  • oyster-pearl-100903-02

    The Rising Star of Natural Pearls

    Seeing as June’s birthstone is the pearl, timing couldn’t be more perfect to feature a precious stone whose natural version is on the ascendant.  Natural pearls are certainly enjoying the spotlight…

  • A Pair of Amethyst Ear Pendants, by Hemmerle

    A Is For Amethyst – February’s Birthstone

    A long-favored gemstone from as far back as the ancient Egyptians, the amethyst continues to endure as the go-to purple gemstone.  For centuries, people have believed this mystical stone possesses healing…

  • ermerald city

    Welcome to Emerald City

    The Wall Street Journal has spread the news of Panetone’s choice for color of the year for 2013:  Emerald.  Accordingly, the deep green hue reflects beautifully the gem after which its named, but I find…

  • The Sun-Drop Diamond is the largest known Fancy Vivid Yellow pear-shaped diamond at 110.03 carats.  It sold at Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels auction in November 2011 for a record 11,282,500 CHF (roughly $12.4 million USD).

    For Diamonds, Yellow Is The New White

    This morning the Wall Street Journal featured an article on the growing popularity of yellow diamonds:  The New Color of Luxury: Yellow.  In the article, representatives from De Beers to Fabergé…