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589 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1501
New York, NY 10017
Phone:  212-832-2666

Founded by Louis Siegelson in 1920, the originally Brooklyn-based shop first specialized in watches and watch repair.  The switch from watches to diamonds occurred when Louis’ son Herman took over the business in the 1940s, moving it to Manhattan’s then thriving 47th Street Diamond District in 1946.  After a few re-locations along 47th Street, Siegelson grew to be one of the more prestigious retail jewelry stores in the area, offering specially designed diamond and precious gemstone jewelry as well as antique and estate pieces.

Under the direction of Herman’s son Lee, Siegelson is now a “purveyor of the finest diamonds, gemstones and special jewelry and objects of art for high-end retailers across the country and throughout the world.”  Focusing not necessarily on a jewel’s provenance or commercial appeal but rather on its beauty and rarity, Lee has curated one of the world’s finest collections of jewelry that has dazzled many a jewelry enthusiast who have been lucky enough to walk through his office doors at 589 Fifth Avenue.

Today, Siegelson deals exclusively with the best examples in the following five specialty areas: fine gemstones and diamonds, antique and estate jewelry, objects of art, contemporary designers, and jewelry by Siegelson. With pieces ranging from the now iconic aquamarine buckle necklace, designed by Fulco di Verdura for Paul Flato, to The Vanderbilt Rose, a stunning diamond brooch by Theodore Fester circa 1855, Siegelson’s extraordinary collection has earned the family-owned business recognition by museum curators, magazine editors, jewelry historians, auction houses and jewelry maisons as a leading source and authority on rare jewelry, gemstones and objects of art.

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